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Are you ready to get funded and trade forex?

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For you to get funded, your job will be tough. Not because of the lack of availability, instead because there is too much ability!


Many companies will promise you the opportunity to get funded to trade a forex account and sell it to you as an opportunity to leverage your trading skills to maximise your earning potential. But they quite literally rig the system against you, so you fail and lose confidence in yourself. This is so you come to them to beg for their education which will be sneakily sold you.

We find this deplorable, and we strive to be better than this and aim for a higher standard. When you say, you would like to get funded we will respect your wishes. However, as it is our capital (not demo account monopoly money like others firms use), we will take our own precautions.

Hence, if you believe you have the attributes and discipline of a high-performance trader, then we want to hear from you. With CTI you could get funded trading forex with the capacity to eventually trade a live forex funded account and manage up to $2,000,000 of our capital

We know you're not just thinking "I want to get funded". After all this, you want to know what differentiates us from other institutions.

For starters: transparency. While other institutions will indubitably brag about those that have been successful with their Forex Funded Trading Programs, yet they will never have an exhaustive list of these individuals. When people come to us to for funding we are proud to display our success stories.

In fact, when you have a moment, we invite you to view our ever growing list of successful traders: why our funded traders chose CTI as their funding provider.

The main reason we are fair to our traders and also educate those who are serious about trading is that our ambition here at CTI is to source the top 1% of high-performing traders to achieve our long-standing dream to start the world's first online trading floor.

If you have the hunger and drive to succeed, you'll be a great fit in our community of traders where you can communicate with like-minded funded traders who are also looking to succeed in their journey along with those who are funded and can tell you what it's like.

Sounds exciting; then please sign up!

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