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How to choose the best web development agency for your business

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Do you need a website for your business? It is worth entrusting this task to professionals. We advise on what criteria to follow to choose the best agency creating sites.


Whom can I commission a website design?

The first dilemma that arises when creating a website for a company is choosing a subcontractor.

There are three options:

  • creating a website on your own (with the help of the CMS WordPress system);
  • outsourcing the service to a freelancer;
  • cooperating with an agency dealing with creating websites.

Which one to choose? It depends on your needs. Suppose you have basic knowledge in the field of website design. In that case, you care about the basic functionality, and you are sure that you will be able to secure, position, and supervise the website properly, you can choose the first option.

However, when you want a professional website that will proudly represent your business and be perfectly adapted to your growing needs, we recommend outsourcing this task to an external entity. You can choose a freelancer or a web development agency. We sincerely recommend the latter solution.

Why is it worth cooperating with a web development agency?

You risk a lot by establishing cooperation with a freelance website designer. Your website will be taken care of by one person who probably has extensive experience but also low processing capacity. The project may be cheaper, but it will stretch over time.

In the case of agencies, a whole team of people will work on your website - programmers, graphic designers, and even copywriters and positioners. You can count on a comprehensive service (website implementation, administration, positioning, technical optimization, security, integration with the mobile application and social media). Also, you can be sure that the project will be finalized on time.

The argument that speaks in favor of choosing an agency as a subcontractor is that large companies dealing in designing websites have huge technological facilities. You can be sure that your project fell under the wing of adequately trained people who are up to date with IT industry news and have the latest equipment. Many companies creating websites even offer their clients their proprietary content management systems!

How do you know the best website development agency?

How do you know that the company you commissioned to design the website will reliably and professionally perform this task? To make sure you choose the right subcontractor, check the agency's portfolio and references. Valuable information on this subject can be found on the company's website, in the About us / Company history / References tab.

It is always worth doing thorough research, reading opinions on the Internet, and looking at projects implemented by the company. The first interview is also decisive. If at a meeting you notice that the agency is primarily concerned with selling the service quickly, you have cause for concern. However, when the conversation is calm, and the salesperson listens carefully and is oriented to your needs, it is a sign that the company professionally approaches its work.

An important criterion that should be followed before starting cooperation is also the comprehensiveness of services. After all, it is a great help to settle everything on one invoice, right? Instead of outsourcing tasks related to creating websites and marketing to various separate entities, ask if the company offers SEO positioning, social media integration, e-commerce integration, graphic design, and content management. If so, you've come across experts in your field!

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