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Cosmetic jars are elegant and attractive

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Cosmetic jars Cosmetic jars pixabay

When it comes to beauty products such as skin care creams, oils, lotions, powders and others, packaging plays a more important role than usual.

The customer usually cares a lot about the packaging and if it is not approppriate or undesireable, sales might suffer. Cosmetic jars have been considered an industry standard in cosmetic packaging for a long time now, so they are a safe choice.

Customers like the look and feel of glass or acrylic and they are more willing to purchase beauty products when they are packaged in a jar.

Cosmetic jars: an elegant solution

Tender creams, oils, lotions and other cosmetic products have been associated with jars for decades now, so you can’t really go wrong if you choose jars as your preferred packaging solution. The best thing about jars is that they don’t radiate cheapness and their touch conveys elegancy and intimacy. Jars are usually made of glass or acrylic and they can be transparent if required. It really depends on the product if the jar should be transparent or not. All In Packaging offers both types and there are dozens of sizes and shapes to choose from. Do you want a 3ml, 10ml, 5ml or 15ml jar? It is all up to you, we have hundreds to choose from.

One aspect of cosmetic jars that has to be considered is usually price. When the jars are made of glass, they are a bit more expensive and more fragile. Therefore, they must be used with care. If price is a factor, then choosing acrylic jars is a good option because they are usually cheaper and not so fragile. One downside is that they have more of a plastic feel to them and they can diminish a product’s exclusivity. If you want to sell premium and exclusive products, the best choice is to go with glass even though it is more expensive. Also, you can save money by ordering the jars wholesale. 

They never go out of style

We have worked with many companies who wanted cosmetic jars as packaging and their success is never in question. When it comes to cosmetics, presentation plays a big part. It is not worth it to opt for cheap and inapproppriate packaging if it hurts the product’s potential and sales. Go with jars today.


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