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What’s the best metronome for drummers?

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Yoday, new technologies are a loyal ally of musicians. Anyone who wants to learn to play drums, or any other instrument, can do it just using their smartphone. Google Play (and App store) is filled to the brim with numerous and various handy apps.

Do you want to improve your tempo and master rhythm skills? Are you a drummer? If so, read this article to find out what is the best metronome for drummers!

Why playing with a metronome is so important

Are you a rhythm lover? If you are a drummer, beginner, or experienced, a metronome app can be genuinely a hero when it comes to mastering your beat skills. Forget about large mechanical devices. What you really need now is an advanced, convenient metronome app called Camtronome! 

In their journey, musicians sooner or later realize the importance of keeping a steady tempo. It doesn't matter if you need to play the song's interpretation as well as possible, learn how to play with other band members, or record tracks of your instruments. In any of these situations, a metronome is essential.

The metronome is a device used to mark the time or speed in musical works. It provides a consistent rhythmic sound that helps to maintain the proper rhythm during your performance. With the help of the metronome, you can master the piece of music and improve your skills.

The use of a metronome is strongly recommended for all musicians. However, in particular, drummers should invest in learning how to keep their tempo because they're the band's core. Teachers often recommend using the metronome to beginner students. Still, regardless of level, such a tool allows you to adjust some small offsets that are sometimes difficult to find independently.

A drummer is the band's heart!

As the drummer, you are the metronome in your band. It's up to you to know how to set and keep the right tempo of the song. To practice the different speeds, try to find the most suitable BPM (beats per minute) of your favorite songs by ear or counting. As time goes by, your brain will get used to it, and you'll find the best tempo value easily and quickly. 

Interesting fact: not all songs are performed at a constant speed. Solo parts, bridges, or interludes sometimes have changes in their tempo. So you need to be able to find optimal speed.

Best metronome - how to find it?

First of all, you should know different metronome types. These are:

Mechanical metronomes: It's a classic and elegant option, mostly used by classical musicians. They usually only have the necessary functions. 

Digital metronomes: they are the most used today and are usually cheaper than mechanical ones. However, their design is aimed at modern musicians. What's more, many of these tools have built-in tuners and more advanced options (for example, you can choose different meters or accents). They may have a "tap tempo" button to define the speed by marking the tempo with your finger. They're also easier to transport, and you can run them using batteries.

Metronome apps:  these days, there are plenty of metronome apps available, ready to download and install on smartphones. An app is undoubtedly an exciting option to start with. It's incredibly convenient and handy - you always have your phone with you! What's more, there are complex metronomes in app stores. A great example is the Camtronome - a modern, programmable metronome with a camera option. Read further to learn more about it. 

To find your best metronome, you should be aware of your needs. Are you a classical musician who wants to have a mechanical device? Do you prefer modern, advanced, and handy solutions? Or maybe you like digital equipment? As you can see, there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a metronome. Most of today's musicians use their smartphones - no matter if you like it or not, apps are our future!

Camtronome - best metronome for drummers



Being a drummer means charming the audience with hitting tricks and showy fills. However, if you play drums, your primary function is to keep the steady tempo, so your bandmates can stay in sync. Whether sitting in your rehearsal place or playing an important gig, a metronome is essential for your role. And there's no need to buy a mechanical device because there's an app for that!

Camtronome is a metronome app for drummers (are for other musicians!) with a large variety of metronome sounds and numerous advanced options. With Camtronome, you can practice your tempo in many subdivisions and odd times, and much more! If you buy the Pro version, you'll get an Offline mode and an ad-free version of the app, thanks to which you will be able to practice in remote places where there is no Internet.

Camtronome is more than a metronome! It's an excellent option for drummers who want to improve their tempo skills. It has tons of options, which you can use while playing different music genres, BPM, and meter. What's more, Camtronome has different metronome sounds available so that you can adjust the sound to your liking. This way, you can play juicy beats without listening to a boring click track. 

For experienced drummers, this app is a perfect choice because it doesn't just simply replace a metronome, but it seems an invaluable practice tool. Camtronome is available both in FREE and PREMIUM versions. 

Complex beats, advanced setlists, practice mode - Camtronome has it all

If you're looking for a perfect metronome for your drumming practice, you can stop right here because Camtronome has all the essential features you'll ever need. This app is an excellent tool for everyone who wants to expand their musical skills.

Camtronome is highly recommended for drummers who are often on the stage. This app can guide you through each piece so that you won't make a single mistake (there is an audio prompter that signalizes essential parts of the song). 



What's more, you can program your own complex metronome, where tempo and meter change over time. Then, you can store these unique metronomes in the Cloud as playlists. You can also upload mp3 or wav tracks and play along with them. But that's not all - Camtronome has a large variety of other handy features. For example, it enables its users to practice with the camera turned on. Thus, you can record your rehearsal and analyze your playing, catching all mistakes. Also, despite its incredibly rich feature set, the app looks sleek, elegant, and is simple to use.

Moreover, the app also has a brilliant practice mode with a motivation system with rewards so that you will play more, more, and more! 

There is much more to say about Camtronome, but we think that you should test its features on your own. Download Camtronome from Google Play or App Store!

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