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How to pick up most attractive women?

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Pick up most attractive women Pick up most attractive women

You go out with your friend to meet and pick up nice women. He makes you feel more confident, motivated you and tells some good things about you in a right moment. Additionally, he keeps you company in between your attempts to pick up women. Your wingman.

The name wingman comes from a cult movie Top Gun starring Tom Cruise and it started to be commonly used 10 years later thanks to another movie Swingers (1996). These days men in Western countries, especially in Canada, meet and pick up most attractive women with a help of a...female friend a.k.a. wingwoman.

Why is a wingwoman a perfect solution for a man looking for interesting women?

  • On you will see many great women. They care about beauty and enjoy life. 
  • It's been proved that men surrounded by attractive women get more attention from other women than when they are by themselves or with their male friends,
  • Women desire things that they cannot get more,
  • It's easier for a woman to approach another woman and start the conversation. Later she can easily introduce her and start a conversation between all of you.
  • You wouldn't be perceived as another guy who's trying a cliché pick up line, thus reducing a possibility of being rejected which frequently stops you from meeting an attractive woman,
  • Newly met woman isn't sure if you're talking to her because you're attracted to her or because your 'friend' introduced you. This gives you more opportunities for conversation,
  • When you're surrounded by women, which are having fun in your company, other women think of you as an interesting man worth meeting

Wingwoman is a perfect solution, but what if you don't have any attractive friends who would like to help you? In the UK and US you can hire a professional wingwoman for an evening. If you can't find any wingwoman close to you, look for a date on a dating site.

meeting woman of their lives

Dating sites help meet a nice person

We help especially men who:

• are new in town and don't know where to find good place to party
• want to spend an unforgettable evening and meet women
• have just come out of a long relationship and want to go back to dating
• want to increase chances of meeting loves of their lives
• are very busy and want to meet people without leaving their home
• are learning techniques of seductions and want to practice their skills in a new environment

Now you won't have any problem talking to women and starting a conversation. Thanks to advice from picking up a woman is not a problem.

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