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How to find the secret Wikipedia

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Perhaps for some it will be a revelation, but there are two Wikipedias on the Internet. One of them is publicly available at the official website.

The other is hidden from prying eyes in the anonymous TOR network. It is a proxy server system that allows you to establish an anonymous network connection, protected from eavesdropping.

Sites hosted on the Tor network have addresses ending in .onion, a special pseudo-top-level domain that is not accessible outside the anonymous network.

The Hidden Wiki is also in the .onion zone and is a censorship free anonymous wiki encyclopedia providing links to Thor's hidden services as well as regular sites. The peculiarity of this Wikipedia counterpart is that most articles and links contain topics that are forbidden in society. The Hidden Wiki directory includes links to sites with illegal pornography, counter-gangs including weapons, counterfeit money, identity documents, credit card numbers, drugs and other criminal cases.

Where are the governments looking? After all, no state needs uncontrolled anonymity on the Internet. Therefore, Tor is periodically blocked, hacked, hijacked servers and criminal sites shut down. You can guess that the anonymity of the network is somewhat hyped when you think about the fact that the Department of Defense and the US Department of State provide significant financial assistance to Tor. As one of the proofs of the vulnerability of this anonymous network, one can cite the "Onymous" operation, which was carried out by the FBI and Europol in 16 countries on November 7, 2014, they closed more than 400 hidden Tor services, including the world's largest underground online store of illegal goods Silk Road 2.0, all involved were identified and arrested.

P.S. Hidden Wikipedia mirrors are constantly changing due to hacks and blocking. Therefore, a link to the resource will not be provided, you can do it yourself if you want.

Also, you can check proxies to bypass the restrictions, for example, at website.


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