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Pros And Cons of Wooden Houses

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Knowing the pros and cons of a wooden house helps you make the right decisions before buying a home. If you contemplate purchasing a log cabin, then you have come to the right place.

 Log cabins are more economical as compare to homes built with traditional bricks and concrete. Wood is part of nature; therefore, wooden homes are beneficial to the environment.

But they have few drawbacks like high maintenance costs. Let’s learn more about the pros and cons of wooden houses.

  1. Sustainable Construction

A wooden house contains recyclable as well as biodegradable non-petroleum materials, which make it an environmentally-friendly construction material.

  1. Energy Efficient

Wood is a natural insulator; therefore, houses made of wood are more energy-efficient than other homes. It keeps your house warm in winters and cools in summers, making it appropriate for sustainable construction as well.

It can isolate both heat and cold effectively. When you spend in a wooden house, you will save a lot of money on energy costs. Some studies reveal people living in wooden houses can save 60 percent of energy on heating and air conditioning.

  1. Aesthetic Appearance

Wood is an aesthetic material that makes it a decorative element. Every tree produces wood that has a unique color, design, and smell.

You can use its natural color and can also paint it to match your preference and style. Varnishing and waxing it to raise its aesthetic beauty is also another great affordable option.

  1. Highly Versatile Building Material

There are more than 5000 different types of woods to choose from. So you can pick the one as per the desire of your construction and design.

Different woods features diverse appearance, acoustics, grain, and durability. You can also put together different types of wood to fetch your construction ideas to reality.

The flexibility that wood offers also makes it a great option for ceilings, flooring, structural frames, and even walls.

  1. Cost-Effective

Depending on the design of the house, you can build wooden homes fast and affordably. In terms of building costs, they are approximately 30 percent cheaper than traditional and concrete homes. The best part is that you can easily repair or rebuilt these houses.

Cons Of wooden Houses

Like any other construction material, wood also has some drawbacks, including insect damages and shrinking. Below are some of the cons of wooden homes.

1. Prone To Damages Due To Harsher Weather Conditions

Both biotic and abiotic elements can deteriorate wooden homes. Biotic factors like fungi, insects, and bacteria are a great threat to wooden homes. It will reduce the lifespan of your house.

On the other side, abiotic elements like wind, water, and the sun decay wood when the surrounding environment is humid. You cannot stop abiotic agents as they are part of nature, but you can control their exposure to your home.

2. Requires Scheduled Maintenance To Make It Really Long Lasting

You can use water-resistant coatings to avoid the problem of shrinkage and swell when exposed to moisture. Moreover, timely repair of your wooden homes will help them to maintain for a long.

Final Words

Wooden homes are environmental-friendly as well as cheap to build. With this material, you can save a lot of money on construction and heating costs.

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