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Bikini and swimwear - what's the difference?

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Every girl wants to sparkle with beauty on the beach in the midst of summer heat. Which swimsuit to choose so that it maximally emphasizes the dignity of the figure? If the grace of forms and courage of the lady allows, you can purchase a bikini swimsuit. Beachwear in this design will provide the excited looks of men, and a woman will give confidence and emancipation.


Swimsuits familiar to everyone are open or closed models with panties, shorts and wide straps. Even in open bathing suits designed to create an even tan, the lower part sufficiently covers the buttocks. Bikini is the most revealing variety of a beach suit, and its main differences from a swimsuit are small panties and thin straps of a bra, which also has a small area.

Varieties of Bikini Swimwear

The most popular type of bikini is mini bikini. Such a swimsuit model is sewn from so small cuts of fabric that it hardly covers the intimate areas. The lower part is represented by narrow panties, tied on the sides, or thongs. Mini bikinis are a good option for those who want to have an even tan with almost no pale spots. Another frank model is a micro bikini. Its difference from the previous variety is miniature panties that hide only the most secret places.

Brazilian bikini consists of an open bikini top, often without a push-up, and panties of various shapes with a low waist. The peculiarity of such a swimsuit is that it emphasizes the beauty of the buttocks and looks very sexy.

Unusual on a slim figure looks a whale tail bikini. The panties of this swimsuit have an assembly along the rear center seam, which gives the model an originality. The most piquant type of bikini is an extreme bikini - a swimsuit that covers only the nipples and intimate areas, usually consisting of only a few narrow strips of fabric and intended, rather, for a private vacation.

Bikini swimsuits have come into fashion for a long time and over time become more and more open. Their advantage for a slim figure is obvious: you can not only beautifully tan, but also seduce the surrounding men with beautiful forms, and during the beach season this is the main thing!

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