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Themed Costume Party: How to Make it?

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Themed Costume Party Themed Costume Party

At any time of the year, you can perform a themed costumed party since it is not just limited during Halloween time. This sort of party is incredibly fun to attend, but can be hard to plan. Costumes for the guests are not the only things you must comply in this party to work out as planned.


The theme of the party is the most important

First, choose a theme. This can be probably the most challenging part of the entire process. Make specific instructions to what the guest will wear to make sure they will not just come into the party in their own bidding. The best example fort this can be giving an Old South theme specification in order that the guests will show up such as beauties and gentlemen in the South with fancy dress costumes. You can even specify a year much like the 1920′s so they can come wearing flapper dresses.

Select the location of the event

When the theme is defined, it’s time to choose the location. A backyard party will not cut it for a formal theme featuring fancy dress costumes. You cannot put an elite costume party to a cheap bar. When the theme is something crazy like “Prehistoric Times,” where visitors wear loincloths and dress similar to characters from The Flintstones, a backyard venue is proper. You must not only take into account the place but also need to take into consideration the weather especially if you?re planning a garden party. You should always have a back-up plan in mind when the weather turn sour on the day of your party.

Choose food and accessories

Soon after, choose cautiously your food and the reception accessories. Another point to bear in mind: match the food item as well as the decorations with the theme you decide on. Assuming you have decided on 1920′s costumes, you should bring out complete package such as the set up that comes with gambling apparatus, classic dancers and many more that will enhance the beauty of the theme you have chosen. An Old South theme needs mint juleps, dainty finger foods and several flowers and high class decor. An entire course meal isn’t essential in such a kind of parties; rather opt serving cocktail foods as well as drinks.

Send party invitations

After these steps are obtained, it’s finally time for it to distribute invitations. The best invitation should include complete information including the time and date of the party along with the reception. And above all else, be sure to specify the theme and that attires have to be worn if you’d like everyone there to dress the part.

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